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August 19th, 2021

Enae Rose

Independent singer-songwriter and vocal producer based in Toronto, Canada.

After moving quietly through the Toronto music scene for over 20 years, Enae Rose is ready to shine. 

Born and raised in Toronto, her musical career began in the Classical world of Opera, under the tutelage of the late Joyce Britton, studying with the Royal Conservatory of Music.


From childhood to adulthood, performance has taken her through the genres of folk, musical theatre, hip hop, gospel, rock and soul, and has allowed her to travel to countries such as Germany, Sweden and the US.  Presently, she is part of the Toronto based company Classic Albums Live, traveling and performing on the most beautiful and prestigious stages of North America.


Drawing inspiration from her life, love and the nature of us, her music is a collection of every experience, rolled into harmony, taking you on a journey and allowing you to dream. 

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